Baobab our Nature ambassador

Responding to the special exhibition to the Museum's 30th anniversary, Mr. Gilles Falisse with his works, again, comes to the Museum. This time, Falisse presents his metal series of 'Rights of Nature' on display at the Museum's Oval Plaza, including horses, orangutans, and Formosan clouded leopards..etc.. His masterpiece "The King of Forest", a bronze Formosan clouded leopard made of butts, is unveiled on the exhibition opening day. There is also a white resin replica of 'The King of Forest' at the exhibition entrance for visitors autographing and expressing their concern about Nature.

According to Jean-Paul Guerlain, Falisse stimulates the imagination, showing a reverse reality and sometimes mystery. It dislocates the body, and rebuilt in an "ordered chaos". So it does not suggest movement, it captures it. Each of the elements that make up Falisse's works has its autonomy, its own individual value. "Human has rights. Nature must have rights too," says Falisse at the unveiling ceremony. "It is hoped that the series of 'Rights of Nature' will help people in Taiwan, and on the Globe as well, communicate the value of nature."Text from The National Museum of Natural Science

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