Chimei Museum奇美博物館

In the month of July 2015, the world learned the story of lion Cecil of Zimbabwe which was killed against money to satisfy the simple pleasure of a dentist.

Given the circumstances and my work, I decided to talk about Cecil and realize a sculpture in his memory. So I created it with all of recycled objects. It's my way of saying that I do not agree with those people who think they are the masters of the world, and that they have all the rights because they have money.

I specifically used rifle butts to make the mane of this beautiful lion Cecil to show also that the weapons can be assigned otherwise than satisfying the cruel and primitive instinct of some people, who are totally inequality with our time which, as everyone knows, ask this absolute and urgent need to save the world and nature.

I love lions, I love Africa, I love Nature. The Master of the world is no longer that which destroys nature, but the one that protects it. All the necessary natural resources like air, water, fossil fuels, minerals, forests, marine animals and terrestrial wildlife and soil are impoverished with the continuously increasing population that excessively requires more and more. Therefore, let's ask a choice to make a world in which we repair what can be repaired.

So we should banish the programmed obsolescence and recycle logically, not systematically recycle all forms of "waste," because a lot of goods are still in perfect working condition. Even recycling has become a very important source of money for some major groups that deviate their profile and often without a good sense. It is necessary that recycling takes place when the materials are really no more interest for people, and only then, we will be in the truth.

Hence, my approach began 27 years ago to create the animal world using all recycled materials.