Gilles Falisse was born in Mons, Belgium.

Difficult to hide his artistic talent since his childhood his creative talent is revealed at an early age! But he does not have encouragement from the adults. His art teacher of the primary school even gave him a zero on its creation dinosaur because it did not look like a real animal.

Here are some early works of Gilles Falisse

  • 1969-1970: The earliest sculptures of Gilles, he does not know yet write his name correctly, Gilles without S, Falisse with two L.
  • musée des sciences naturelles de Bruxelles, Dinosaure, Iguanodon
    At 10, Gilles makes gorilla heads with the earth which he found in the woods behind his home. He will sell to neighborhoods by going door to door for a few money.
  • 1976-77: The creations continue! Here, some of which have not disappeared ... Mask of a bear head, his totem in scouts,
  • 1979: Gilles restores from A to Z, an old motorcycle Sarolea , model Bluebird. The jacket and helmet were found in ruins of Ardèche by him.
  • Icare 80, parachute d'un drapeau anglais, James Bond
    1980: Gilles is an inventor, and he won the famous competition ICARE 80 with a special parachute, an English flag, his invention (materials: tree branches in her garden, screws and tissues)
  • 1981 Gilles made etching the evening classes at the School Saint-Luc in Liège.

1982: Gilles Falisse is in London for a year, he worked as electrical engineer in the matter of his grandfather.

1983 Gilles did his military service.

1984-1985: Gilles meets Claude Nougaro, he will accompany the concerts ... in frequent the famous trio, Claude Nougaro, Maurice Vander and Pierre Michelot. Gilles discovers a world that fascinates him. This amazing experience will give him undoubtedly the wings that allow him to give up a career in the family business a few years later for a road much less financially secure but so much more enriching ...

1986-1989: Gilles works as a technician in the family business, he must go and live in Tielt Flanders. After his work day, he makes watercolors, sculptures, but also compositions of songs during the night.

1989: In summer, Gilles had a motorcycle accident in Britain, he has to wear a neck brace for six months, he will never return to the office, he sends his resignation to his father. He begins the realization of different vehicles in earth and concrete. And painted the rest of the time and plays the piano and synthesizer and records amateur piles of cassettes.

sculpture-avion-terre-ou-beton-gilles-falisse sculpture-peinture-atelier-a-lepoque-gilles-falisse sculpture-peinture-cheval-noir-de-gilles-falisse-2 sculpture-peinture-femme-de-gilles-falisse- sculpture-peinture-femme-de-gilles-falisse-2 sculpture-peinture-femme-de-gilles-falisse sculpture-train-volant-terre-ou-beton-gilles-falisse-2 sculpture-train-volant-terre-ou-beton-gilles-falisse sculpture-voiture-2CV-terre-ou-beton-gilles-falisse-2 sculpture-voiture-2CV-terre-ou-beton-gilles-falisse-3 sculpture-voiture-2CV-terre-ou-beton-gilles-falisse sculpture-voiture-Cayenne-terre-ou-beton-gilles-falisse-2 sculpture-voiture-Cayenne-terre-ou-beton-gilles-falisse-3 sculpture-voiture-Cayenne-terre-ou-beton-gilles-falisse

At 25 he left the company to get started in the creation. Self-taught artist, he never stopped for a moment in his career to open the doors of originality. When looking at his career, it is one of the most influential visual artists of his time. Here, condensed an extraordinary career.