International Exhibitions

Pioneer in the scrap metal techniques

  • 1997: Two teams of Polo players, made entirely with guns and butts ...
  • Pioneer in the scrap metal techniques
    Before the assembly technique of recovery objects become a classic of artistic expression, FALISSE has already created its metallic zoo in 1989.
  • 1994: The reproduction of the Lusitania, the famous cruise liner, Titanic brother, 3 years before the movie of the same name. (At the time, we do not find documents on the Titanic, but on the Lusitania ...)
  • 1997: This Formula 1, the air intake is made from an old coal bucket and whose body is a F16 tank.
  • 1989: The creation of many dinosaur sculptures using recycled objects, five years before Spielberg and his Jurassic Park.
  • 2000: This mammoth full size, a new technique, entirely made of copper whose coat is composed of thousands of thread!